Geosoft unveils Dapple geodata explorer (December 2006)

NASA WorldWind-based browser for large volume image data leverages OpenGIS web map service.

Geosoft has just released Dapple, an open source globe viewer, derived from NASAís World Wind (NWW). Dapple extends NWW, adding the ability to find and view network-hosted geoscience spatial data.


Dapple provides an intuitive interface that lets geoscientists find and visualize the massive quantities of geoscience data available on the internet. Data includes satellite imagery, remote sensing data, geology maps and geophysical data. Dapple leverages open standards and server technologies including the OpenGIS Consortiumís web map service (WMS) and Geosoftís own DAP format. The earth science community is encouraged to build on and extend the open source software.

Spatial Data Rights

Geosoft cautions users of data from the net that, ĎSome data may be copyrighted or have terms of use imposed by the supplier. You should ensure that your use of that data does not violate the data ownerís rights.í Dapple has been certified open source by the Open Source Initiative.ź

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