DI bags Wellstorm (December 2012)

Wellstorm’s WitsML toolset to form data bridge from Drilling Info’s solutions to data inside client companies’ firewalls.

Austin, TX-based Drilling Info, a supplier of hosted oil and gas business intelligence and decision support technology, has acquired the assets of Wellstorm Development Inc., an information management and development company based in Dripping Springs, Texas. Wellstorm’s technology will create a bridge between Drilling Info solutions and the data behind client companies’ firewalls.

Drilling Info CEO Allen Gilmer said, ‘Wellstorm’s technology aligns with our strategy and R&D objectives.’ The deal sees Wellstorm CEO, Hugh Winkler, taking the position of Drilling Info’s director of research. Wellstorm has developed a suite of well data communication tools based on the Energistics WitsML protocol. Its Subsurfr (Oil ITJ Sept 2012) displays WitsML data hosted on Wellstorm’s servers using open source mapping technology from MapQuest.

Drilling Info is to dedicate additional manpower to support ongoing research and development initiatives related to enhancing Wellstorm’s technology. In 2013, Drilling Info plans to add approximately 60 people to its current team of more than 400 employees. More from Drilling Info on Drilling Info.

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