SGI for DownUnder GeoSolutions (March 2013)

330 teraflop SGI Rackable cluster and five petabytes of disk storage for Aussie geophysicist.

Perth, Australia-headquartered DownUnder GeoSolutions (DUG) is to upgrade its geophysical data processing center with ‘new server technology’ from SGI. SGI has been providing DUG’s high performance computing resources since its 2003 launch.

Today, the DUG cluster comprises some 330 teraflops of SGI Rackable servers with ‘tens of thousands’ of cores. Nodes are equipped with both Intel Xeon E5 CPUs and AMD Opteron 6200 series processors. Some five petabytes of storage are ‘supported.’

The new servers have reduced floor space requirements and run DUG’s CPU-intensive code 20-30% faster. Energy consumption is down 10% and the total cost of ownership of the infrastructure over a three-year period is expected to be 25% less than the previous infrastructure.

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