eLynx and Akami team on optimization as a service (March 2013)

SCADA specialist leverages cloud service provider’s Terra enterprise solution.

eLynx Technologies and Akamai have teamed on a software as a service offering for eLynx’ ScadaLynx flagship oil and gas monitoring and field automation system. Under the new agreement, Akamai’s Terra enterprise solution (TES) will host eLynx’ web-based monitoring, alarming and field automation services.

eLynx CIO Ryan McDonald said that the enhanced service levels were behind the move, ‘In oil and gas, the speed at which you receive data and the ability to act quickly impact productivity and profitability and also safety. Working with Akamai means that potential internet problems do not affect our applications.’ Implementing TES has produced sub one second average response times for users.

Akamai VP Mike Afergan added, ‘Hosted software performance can be degraded using the Internet as a delivery platform. TES was designed to eliminate this concern by making applications run as they would over a dedicated wide area network.’

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