TouchStar’s ‘Xpress bundled’ water tickets (March 2013)

Electronic field ticketing system offers crude and water haulers ‘lunch pail sized’ mobile solution.

TouchStar Solutions has announced ‘Xpress Bundled’ (XB), a low cost, electronic run ticketing system for crude oil and water haulers. XB is delivered in a self-contained, ‘lunch pail’ sized form factor. No in-cab installation is required. TouchStar’s CrudePac mobility solution and Enable middleware are included in the package. HyperDocs imaging technology captures field ticketing data electronically. Ruggedized hardware includes Intermec’s CN-50 handheld computer and scanner and PB-51 portable 4” thermal printer.

TouchStar provides secure hosting of the bundle including a wireless communications plan. TouchStar’s Dave Fredericks said, ‘XB reduces start-up time and costs. For crude and water hauling customers this is a fast track to low cost fleet automation and full-featured electronic ticketing.’

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