CiSoft working on intel-derived applications in oil and gas (March 2013)

Domain vocabulary extraction and transduction trial for Chevron-backed R&D unit.

Researcher Craig Knoblock of the Center for Interactive Smart Oilfield Technologies (CiSoft, a joint venture between the University of Southern California and Chevron’s Center of Excellence for Research and Academic Training) has received a grant from SRI International to advance research in the field of ‘domain vocabulary extraction and transduction plus auto-induction of layout’ a.k.a. Dovetail.

Dovetail uses intel-based techniques to extract meaning from ‘unanticipated, multiple and varied data sets’ by ‘alignment’ of data models and the application of ‘advanced analytic algorithms.’ SRI’s researchers leverage scientific knowledge and expertise from R&D groups to develop new applications for natural gas, improve safety of oil and gas infrastructure and to monitor and mitigate potential disasters.

SRI is also active in the field of cyber security where its infrastructure security program works to harden the nation’s energy infrastructure security. SRI also supports the US Department of Homeland Security’s LOGIIC (Linking the oil and gas industry to improve cyber security) consortium.

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