Precyse's 'REAC' intrinsically safe fall protection devices (December 2013)

Wireless 'remote entity awareness and control' for oil and gas worker safety and asset tracking.

Norcross, GA-based Precyse Technologies has introduced a suite of intrinsically safe, ‘remote entity’ awareness and control (Reac) for oil and gas and other verticals. Remote entities can be people or high value items such as vehicles or equipment.

Three products in Precyse’s Smart Agent and Beacon wireless asset tracking portfolio are now certified as intrinsically safe according to the US OHSA certification for hazardous areas (Class I, Division 1).

Precyse’s Drew Bolton said, ‘Companies operating in hazardous environments can quickly deploy a turn-key package that improves worker and environmental safety. Our solution set includes mobile Smart Agents, wireless network infrastructure, and real-time operations, control room, and tools to proactively monitor and manage the workplace and assist emergency response efforts.’

Precyse’s toolset includes patented, ‘assisted GPS’ technology to help emergency responders find and assess the well-being of personnel who have not reported to muster points. Accelerometer-based ‘man-down’ detection automatically alerts control room personnel when workers fall and a panic button reports incidents in real time. More from Precyse.

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