SDK for mobile oilfield applications (December 2013)

Mobile software development kit from Energent Group includes data access from public sources.

Todd Bush’s startup Energent group is marketing the software building blocks for mobile data integration in the digital oilfield. The Energent mobile software development kit (SDK) includes access to public oil country data along with Energent’s own research. Developers can connect to in-house and cloud-based data and services. Target workflows include completions, fracking, reporting and safety.

Bush told Oil IT Journal, ‘Based on my experiences at Chevron, oil and gas data challenges are vast and expensive. Things are even more difficult when you want to let field workers access information from different devices.’

The SDK was used to create Energent’s own ‘Field first’ drilling and completion reporting app. The app provides permit, completion and well data delivered from operators in Eagle Ford, Cline, Permian, and other plays. Data can be filtered for depth, county and date. Well completions data is also available for competitor analysis. The app tracks the whole drilling and completion lifecycle from permitting to abandonment. Download Energent's FieldFirst app.

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