IBM Watson meets geoanalytics for big data rendezvous. (February 2014)

GCS and Global Touchpoints team on AI-based ‘deep content analysis.’

Geoanalytics boutique GCS is teaming with Global Touchpoints to develop ‘big data’ solutions that combine business intelligence with geospatial analytics. The offer targets state and local government agencies confronted with challenging big data problems in inter alia, energy, utilities and water resource management.

GCS is leveraging IBM’s ‘Watson’ processing engine to perform deep content analysis and evidence-based reasoning on sensor data. Global Touchpoints adds its geospatial solutions to the mix, adding a location component and real-time analysis of sensor data streams. GCS director Rob Kinnear said, ‘Whether the data relates to public health, natural resource or energy consumption, geoanalytics allows the extracted business intelligence to be visualized in a geographic perspective.’

Global Touchpoints claims expertise in machine learning systems that tap into information otherwise hidden in organizations’ internal and external data sources. More from GCS and Touchpoints

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