AVO Photonics develops downhole fluid analyzer (February 2014)

Weatherford’s downhole multi-channel photometer provides in-situ analysis in HPHT wells.  

Weatherford International has teamed with Avo Photonics on the development of a downhole multi-channel photometer capable of in-situ analysis of reservoir fluids in HPHT* wells. Weatherford’s wireline R&D optical sensor group designed and validated the device which was manufactured by Avo, a provider of ‘private-label’ opto-electronic design, prototyping and production services.

The Reservoir Fluid Analyzer (RFA) comes in a 4.5 inch diameter form factor capable of performing fluid analysis at depths of up to five kilometres. High-quality photometric analysis is achievable at operating temperatures of up to 177C and 30,000 psi. 

Weatherford senior staff scientist Jess Ford said, ‘Avo’s optical and opto-mechanical design and manufacturing expertise for harsh environment operations and their rapid understanding of the downhole challenges were critical to  create a sensor assembly that would work within our existing wireline equipment.’

Avo CTO Tom Haslett added, ‘Weatherford’s extended long wavelength requirements and high temperature performance needs were a challenge.’ The sensor has now completed several field trials and is being volume manufactured by Avo for commercial deployment by Weatherford. More from Avo and Weatherford.

* High pressure high temperature.

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