Standards stuff (February 2014)

Geosparql, Ordnance Survey, CEN, CENELEC, ANSI, Open Geospatial Consortium.

Following to last month’s item on IBM’s enterprise ontology, we received the following from John Goodwin of the UK Ordnance Survey regarding GeoSparql: Ordnance Survey does not currently use GeoSparql but intends to migrate its linked data offerings in that direction. Elsewhere there are not many implementations (from what I can tell) apart from Oracle and Strabon. Personally I like GeoSparql but others prefer NeoGeo (2001). Hopefully the differences will be resolved soon.

European standards bodies CEN and CENELEC have launched the ‘Societal stakeholders’ toolbox’ (SST) to encourage people to get  involved in EU standardization activities. The SST targets organizations defending the interests of consumers, protecting the environment and promoting the health and safety of workers.

The American national standards institute has released the energy efficiency standardization coordination collaborative (EESCC) roadmap for public comment. The EESCC outlines action-oriented recommendations to advance energy efficiency in the built environment through standards and conformance activities.

The Open geospatial consortium is seeking comment on the candidate GML in JPEG 2000 encoding standard V2.0/ This standard defines how the geography markup language (GML) is used to embed geographic content within JPEG 2000 images. 

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