Telemedicine for remote workers/Expat psychology (February 2014)

NuPhysicia—remote access to medical data. Ipieca/OGP—psychosocial risks for oil & gas expatriates.

Houston-based medical service and solutions provider NuPhysicia has released NuChart, a mobile application for employees working in remote and offshore locations. NuChart provides access to to personal health data created with NuPhysicia’s InPlace worksite health and medical services. NuPhysicia’s Oscar Boultinghouse said, ‘This tool makes health data easily and securely accessible, linking a person’s worksite health care to their regular health care. Patients can access key health data and share it with their doctor as part of their overall health management.’ The service also provides access to the Center for Disease Control’s traveler Information. NuChart can be downloaded from Apple iTunes or Google Play.

In an unrelated announcement, the OGP and Ipieca organizations have released a report ‘Managing psychosocial risks on expatriation in the oil and gas industry.’ The 28 page document offers guidance to companies and individuals on the impact of expatriation to individuals and their families. A comparison of 12 oil and gas companies shows that ‘different preventive actions are applied across the industry to manage the complexity of psychosocial risks.’ The report outlines a risk based strategy for prevention and intervention which requires ‘navigating a high level of complexity.’

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