Arma announces information governance assessment (February 2014)

American records management association introduces software based compliance metrics.

The American records management association (Arma) has announced the ‘official’ information governance assessment program, a comprehensive resource designed to help organizations assess and mitigate information risk. The program embeds Arma’s ‘body of generally accepted practices,’ international and national-level standards and legal and regulatory requirements.

The assessment also provides an ‘authoritative and objective’ measure of an organization’s information governance (IG) maturity.

The software helps identify IG risks, measure their severity and track mitigation progress. Information governance requirements relating to FCPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Dodd-Frank, and COSO are covered along with the alignment of IG and IT. Other topics include auditing and information integrity, security, third-party risks, disaster recovery and litigation holds and e-discovery. Prices start at $4,995. 

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