Verdande predicts mud motor failure for Hess (February 2014)

Bakken shale trials of artificial intelligence relate ‘microstalling’ to drilling KPIs.

Predictive analytics specialist Verdande Technology reports on successful trials of a new mud motor failure prediction capability available in its flagship DrillEdge solution. DrillEdge uses artificial intelligence in the form of case-based reasoning to analyze real time data feeds and pinpoint patterns in the data that provide early warning of dangerous situations.

The trials were performed for Hess Corp. in the Bakken shale play. Hess’ Matthew Isbell said, ‘An improperly configured auto driller can lead to a drilling dysfunction called ‘microstalling.’ This causes up to a 15% reduction in drilling efficiency and can also lead to failure of the mud motor or bottom hole assembly components, costing approximately $150,000 per incident.’ DrillEdge was used to identify early symptoms of damage by comparing mechanical specific energy (a drilling KPI) with accumulated downhole tool stress.

Verdande COO Philip Wade added, ‘Efficient operations require software-based drilling optimization solutions to reduce non productive time. As operators turn to the factory drilling approach, our solutions are adapting to mitigate downhole tool damage, such as mud motor failure. We plan to expand our drilling optimization portfolio this year.’ More from Verdande

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