GuildOne automates oil country drafting (February 2014)

Zargon oil and gas deploys FacilityStudio for data-driven engineering document generation.

Calgary-based Zargon oil and gas reports successful deployment of GuildOne’s FacilityStudio,  a ‘data-driven’ schematic drafting tool for oil and gas wells and production facilities. Zargon was confronted by costly, inefficient and non-compliant legacy processes for generating its engineering documents (measurement schematics in Canadian parlance).

The advent of  the Alberta Energy Regulator’s (AER) Directive 017 and Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) led to the search for a solution that could ensure compliance with the new rules and resolve inconsistencies between data reported from the field and to Petrinex (formerly the Petroleum Registry of Alberta). One year into deployment, Facility Studio is performing satisfactorily, providing Zargon with a complete and accurate list of wells and facilities and providing Petrinex with the same, accurate data Zargon’s accountants use to validate its joint venture processing agreements with third parties.

GuildOne boasts ten clients and 6,500 wells and facilities using FacilityStudio. The latest release, V2.1 enhances schematic search in a project hierarchy and flags mandatory attribute status as required for compliance. Along with the software, GuildOne offers a business analysis service and a schematic conversion service. More from GuildOne

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