Ontological foundations of petroleum modeling (March 2014)

Upcoming PNEC presentation from Endeeper proposes novel approach to interoperability.

Brazilian Endeeper has released details of a paper that it is to present at the 2014 PNEC data integration conference to be held in Houston next May. The abstract has it that all software design implies building a conceptual model of reality. But model terms may have different meanings for different stakeholders. A fault may mean one thing to a field geologist and another to the seismic interpreter. These different views are pitfalls to the data modeler and for software interoperation. Endeeper analyzes industry-standard formats (LAS, WITSML, PRODML, and RESQML) to derive an ontological foundation for the reservoir modeler.

Endeeper’s approach is claimed to ‘overcome the ambiguities of geological terminology.’ A conceptual model of geological objects (well, wellbore, horizon, fault, lithological unit) are then mappable across data exchange formats. Read the abstract and visit PNEC.

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