GE announces ‘Directive’ tool for directional drilling (March 2014)

Improved rate of penetration and less maintenance downtime from vibration monitoring.

GE Oil & Gas has announced a new ‘Directive’ directional drilling system that is said to improve drilling performance by monitoring shocks and vibration in real time. GE’s Yokima Davison told Oil IT Journal, ‘The Directive system captures shock and temperature events to an onboard 32MB memory. This allows service companies to monitor out-of-spec events and perform condition based repairs and maintenance. The diagnostics ability combined with improved stability of sensor calibration allows service companies to predict calibration and maintenance schedules, optimizing use and reducing repair costs.’

Asked if the Directive tool would be feed into GE’s Proficy/Predictivity solution set, Davison replied, ‘Downhole tools do not have the ability to predict the onset of vibrations, but can detect vibrations early enough so that drillers can take remedial measures before they reach a level of severity that causes equipment damage or reduce rate of penetration.’

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