WellMetrics addresses the data challenge (March 2014)

GIS interface and M-File-based document management said to fix ‘arcane’ E&P well data stores.

Well Metrics has released a Prezi slideshow explaining its ‘M-Files’ solution to the E&P data silo ‘challenge.’ E&P companies are organized by discipline and use commercial software to store and manage data in discipline silos. Gathering corporate knowledge across disciplines is hard and relies on subject matter experts to broker requests for information. This often involves time-consuming data re-formatting prior to use.

Much relevant information is held in Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs held on the Windows file system. WellMetrics describes this storage mechanism as ‘arcane.’ Retrieving data from such systems is ‘100% dependent on human memory and logic.’

Enter WellMetrics’ geographic information system (GIS) for cross discipline data collection. WellMetrics uses the M-Files document management system to connect directly to data silos. Data access is ‘self-brokered’ by any person with security to access the application. All data is kept natively in the organization’s applications of choice. WellMetrics leverages web services to serve data in its GIS mapping system alongside vendor data from Dwight’s, IHS, and Tobin. The M-Files DMS adds generic access to all relevant information associated with a well.

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