EarthCube - digitizing Yosemite (March 2014)

National Science Foundation ‘transforms’ geological field work with ‘earth centered communication.’

EarthCube, a US National Science Foundation (NSF) initiative to ‘transform research through a cyberinfrastructure’ is planning a digital field trip to Yosemite to trial novel field data gathering technology. The trials will be conducted under the ‘Earth-centered communication for cyberinfrastructure’ (EC3) program targeting field-based geosciences.

The field trip sets out to ‘facilitate a dialogue’ between geologists, computer scientists and psychologists and to break down the silo boundaries and allow scientists to work efficiently and innovatively. Specific challenges to be addressed include data management and the digitization of analog data and its incorporation into field-based workflows. Data collection sensors, metadata collection, ‘smart’ mobile apps, standards and machine learning are also on the menu. The first field trip is planned for August 2014 and includes ‘breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner.’ More from the NSF.

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