Quest Pacifica—pipeline pressure cycle fatigue analysis (April 2014)

New software combines real time data with hydraulic modeling to assess pipeline cracks. 

‘Pacifica,’ new software from Quest Integrity Group is designed to help operators analyze and manage pressure cycle fatigue analysis in aging pipelines. Pipeline failures can occur after long run times due to an accumulation of pressure cycles. Pacifica is based on the American Petroleum Institute’s advanced fracture mechanics methodology and is compliant with regulatory expectations and industry best practices.

The solution compares actual real time Scada pressure data with hydraulic models to estimate pressure loading at potential crack locations along the pipeline. The tool is claimed to produce accurate crack growth predictions, storing pressure data for future analysis. The data is used to prioritize investigations, hydrotesting and in-line inspection schedules. The system is also claimed to increase the information yield from existing investments in Scada systems and on-line monitoring sensors. 

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