SAS underpins KOC’s predictive asset maintenance (April 2014)

Global Forum presentation uses data exploration on ‘challenging’ steam injection problem.  

George Habek (SAS Institute) presented a paper at the SAS Global Forum last month in Washington DC on the use of SAS in predictive asset maintenance subtitled, ‘find out why before it’s too late!’ Habek showed how SAS predictive asset maintenance (PAM) was used by Kuwait Oil to optimize steam injection in an offshore heavy oil project.

Steam injection proved challenging and a significant fall-off in production occurred a couple of months after operations commenced. Production and injection data was transferred from KOC’s systems of reference to an SAS data mart for analysis with PAM. PAM’s data exploration functionality was used to visualize tags and events and to pinpoint anomalies. SAS Enterprise Miner identified the main culprits for the failing production, injection rates that were too high, or too much chemical additives. The solution is now delivered as a PAM ‘portlet’ to manage the whole injection program. 

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