Sharecat runs on MySQL Enterprise Edition (April 2014)

Norwegian supply chain portal migrates from Access to open source database.

Oracle blogger Bertrand Matthelié reports that Norwegian supply chain specialist Sharecat delivers its equipment information from a MySQL database. Oracle acquired the open source MySQL database when it bought Sun Microsystems back in 2009. Oracle has strengthened the open source software with the addition of monitoring and backup functionalities and markets the tool as MySQL Enterprise Edition.

Sharecat provides Norwegian oil and gas operators with an online catalog of equipment used in the construction and the maintenance of oil rigs. Product catalogs are updated on a continuous basis with manufacturers, product numbering, data templates and documentation. The solution was initially developed on Microsoft Access which had ‘outgrown its capabilities.’

Sharecat evaluated several databases and selected MySQL for its performance and scalability and low total cost of ownership. MySQL costs are said to be ‘one tenth’ of  SQL Server. Sharecat CTO Tom-Kenneth Fossheim said, ‘MySQL allowed us to build a professional solution to serve our global clients. It is a stable, high performance and cost-effective database.’

Sharecat products run in a Windows-based virtualized environment. MySQL Replication is used both for high availability and to scale-out read operations. Sharecat currently hosts the solution in-house but is evaluating a move to a public cloud to enhance reliability reduce costs. More from Oracle and Sharecat. 

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