HP/Autonomy and VidSys team on big brother surveillance (April 2014)

IDOL and PSIM scan ‘vast array’ of social media, email and surveillance from operations personnel. 

Physical security information management (PSIM) software provider VidSys is to add HP/Autonomy’s Idol unstructured data processing engine to its security solution for operations centers. VidSys’ PSIM platform blends and correlates data streams from sensors, mobile devices and applications to provide ‘actionable intelligence’ to first responders, senior executives and other authorized stakeholders.

The addition of HP Autonomy extends PSIM analytics to diverse information sources including free text, image, audio and real-time video sources. In particular, social and broadcast media will be monitored in real time to ‘anticipate and mitigate’ potential security incidents. According to VidSys, organizations must process a ‘vast array’ of information, including social media, video surveillance, email (really?), case files, criminal records, and physical location data to identify potential threats. In the oil and gas vertical, VidSys poster child is Smartech Security whose Favinca Colombia unit has deployed PSIM software at several of Pacific Rubiales’ international locations. More from VidSys. 

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