Fieldpro 8 to release real soon now... (May 2014)

Resources Engineering Systems—‘An order of magnitude more shale wells are needed.’

In a short position paper/blog Resources Engineering Systems’ (RES) Mike Cleary argues that developing shale reservoirs may require an order of magnitude hike in the number of wells drilled. The required investment may force a shift from today’s independent operators to IOCs and NOCs. Today’s shale models are ‘mostly wrong or irrelevant.’ Enter RES’ Fieldpro with fracture modelling technology that has been ‘confirmed with realistic production matching.’ RES is to release Fieldpro V8.0 later this year. Fieldpro is a scalable, integrated system for oilfield operations management and subsurface engineering across—‘from spud to plug.’ V8.0 is the first commercial version of the software following ‘years of testing with select clients who have helped develop the product and bring it to maturity.’ More from RES.

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