Wood Group bags Cape (May 2014)

Cape’s VP Link safety systems validator to complement MSi Kenny’s Virtuoso process control systems training simulator offering.

Aberdeen, UK-headquartered Wood Group is buying simulation software boutique Cape Software. Cape provides simulation software and services for operator training and logic validation for industrial control systems used in the oil and gas and other process industries.
Cape’s VP Link simulates a process control network in an operator training context. The toolset complements Wood Goup’s own Virtuoso simulation modelling technology. Previous collaboration between the companies has resulted in the delivery of integrated operator training systems for upstream offshore oil and gas facilities, enabling critical unit operations to be rigorously modeled. 
Wood Group’s Michael Mai said, ‘VP Link broadens our existing operator training simulator to include a full-featured, hardware-based solution. Operators can now train on the same type of equipment they will operate in the control room. We intend to expand Cape’s track record in the SCADA/DCS and safety systems verification market through our global footprint.’ Cape will become part of the Wood Group’s MSi Kenny business line. Cape’s revenue for 2013 was around $5 million. More from Wood Group

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