Paradigm rolls-out 14.0 (May 2014)

Enhancements to geosciences toolset address seismic imaging, data loading and connectivity.

Paradigm has released a new version of its geological and geophysical interpretation suite, Paradigm 14, to its worldwide user base. The toolset covers the upstream workflow, from processing, interpretation and modeling, drilling, reservoir characterization and engineering. Enhancements in the current release focus on seismic data processing and interpretation.

Chief product officer Somesh Singh said, ‘With the 14 release we are delivering advanced science for everyone, enhancing the user experience with convenient workflows and easier installation and making these technologies available to the entire user community.’

Specific enhancements include mathematical regularization of seismic sources and sensors into a desirable geometry with ‘5D’ data reconstruction, enhanced fracture determination from seismic data and improved velocity determination. The new release also bolsters Paradigm’s Epos data infrastructure with streamlined data loading and a new GUI and tools for IT project management. Connectivity is extended with a JavaSeis plug-in and a direct connection to ESRI shapefiles. More  from Paradigm.

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