Hitachi extends oil and gas ERP solution (June 2014)

New module for Microsoft Dynamics AX-based solution handles joint venture accounting.

Hitachi Solutions' Canadian unit has announced a Microsoft Dynamics AX-based solution for oil and gas joint venture accounting. The joint venture solution (JVS) offers project and cost center management, contracts to manage joint interest agreement details, joint venture billing, authorization for expenditure (AFE) management, and gross/net reporting.

The JVS module completes Hitachi Solutions' Dynamics AX-based software offering in the oil and gas vertical. Other modules target enterprise resources planning (ERP), oilfield services management, EHS and 'xRM,' licensing and relationship management for oil and gas. The company's oil and gas industry practice has implemented solutions for Canadian operators such as Ensign Energy, Access Pipelines, Petro-Canada/Suncor, Talisman Energy, Aux Sable and Gibson Energy. More from Hitachi.

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