Print your reservoir in 3D, straight from Petrel! (June 2014)

Petrel plug-in produces Collada/Vrml models for use in full color 3D printers.

French startup Terra3D's PrinTerra software is a plug-in for Schlumberger's Petrel that provides connectivity to a 3D printer. Geological and reservoir models can be printed as 'full colour' solid 3D representations. Terra3D claims that handling the 3D models provides insights and understanding into field geometries and helps communicate complex geology.

The PrinTerra interface allows for sizing and selection of 3D Petrel models which can feature any grid property such as facies, porosity, or fluid content.

Models are then exported in Collada or Vrml formats that can be read by 3D modelling software. The files can be printed on your local 3D printer or sent to off-site 3D print services such as Sculpteo. PrinTerra is available from the Schlumberger Ocean store. Pricing starts at $1,000 for a month's rental. More from Terra3D.

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