Seismic data management system tuned for Oracle 12c (June 2014)

Westheimer's Integrated Seismic Data Solution on Oracle is supported by global oil and gas team.

Westheimer Energy Consultants has teamed with Oracle Oil & Gas to port its ISDS seismic data management solution to Oracle's 12c database and optionally, the Oracle Exadata appliance. The Integrated seismic data solution (OITJ November 2011), which embeds technology from ESRI, Troika and Fuse, offers 'row level' access to pre and post stack data.

ISDS was originally developed for SGI/FileTek's StorHouse storage virtualization and data management solution. Integration with the Oracle stack, a three month effort by Westheimer's subject matter experts and Oracle's global technical oil and gas teams, promises 'improved scale and performance.' The solution can scale to multi-petabyte data stores leveraging Tier 1 and Tier 2 storage appliances. Westheimer MD Jeffrey Maskell observed that the new technical and business relationship with Oracle will 'help Westheimer establish a commercial presence and critical mass in the sector.' More from (Houston) and (UK).

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