DecisionSpace G1 Personal Edition with SQLite OpenWorks (June 2014)

Single seat edition of Landmark's geosciences interpretation flagship unveiled at EAGE.

Halliburton's Landmark Software unit has announced DecisionSpace G1 Personal Edition (DSG1), a head-on competitor for Schlumberger's Petrel. To make its DecisionSpace interpretation flagship more deployable in smaller E&P shops, Landmark has decoupled it from the OpenWorks database and is offering the 'full-featured' geosciences suite as a 'zero-configuration' (i.e. no Oracle installation) single user bundle at a named-user list price of $99k.

In an unveiling at the Amsterdam EAGE this month, Landmark showed a time lapse screen capture movie of a DSG1 installation showing that around half an hour of real time was all that is required to load the software (including an embedded ArcGIS mapping engine, the SQLite personal OpenWorks database) and a substantial data set of seismic and well data. Once loaded, the full DecisionSpace toolkit is available to the interpreter.

Landmark is pretty fired-up about DSG1's potential but for some, the move from a central OpenWorks database to a personal project/file approach la Schlumberger Petrel was seen as a step backwards. Although managing data across different instances of OpenWorks will likely be easier than across multiple Petrel projects.

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