Back to the valley (July 2014)

Schlumberger CTO announces return to Silicon Valley for Schlumberger's software arm. Unit to work on cloud-based 'new enterprise architecture.'

Speaking at the 2014 Schlum-berger investor conference, CTO Ashok Belani announced the establishment of a new Schlumberger software and innovation center in the (San Francisco) Bay area that is to become a ‘visible part’ of the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Belani highlighted the role of software in Schlumberger’s ‘digital future’ observing that if Schlumberger was a software company, it would rank in the top 50 in the world. Schlumberger spends 33% of its research and engineering budget on software development and employs some 2,000 coders.

Belani envisages a cloud-based ‘new enterprise architecture’ with contributions from some well-known partners (SAP, Google, Microsoft and Nvidia) and some not so well known ones (Wearable IntelligenceChaotic Moon). All this to be delivered from a new Software Technology ‘SWT’ organization to complement the two other ‘pillars’ of hardware and research. The move to the Bay is a back-to-the future event. Schlumberger closed its Palo Alto technology research facility in 1998, relocating its developers to the Schlumberger laboratory for computer sciences in Austin, Texas. More presentations from Schlumberger.

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