June 2014 Top 500 HPC (July 2014)

ENI enters supercomputer hit parade at No. 11.

The latest edition of the TOP500 list of high performance computers has an upgraded edition of ENI’s machine leading the oil and gas computing stakes. ENI’s ‘HPC2’ IBM iDataPlex is n 11 at 3 petaflops. This pips Total’s 1 petaflop Pangea for the top industry slot and BP’s 2 petaflop machine (not in the Top500). At n 43 is Saudi Aramco’s Faris HP cluster with 0.8 petaflops. 

Practically all operating systems in the TOP500 are Unix/Linux-based. There are no new Windows-based machines since 2012 when the Azure/Faenov machine came in at n 165 (now n 309). China’s Dawning/Magic Cube (0.15PF), which entered the Top500 at n 11 in 2008 is now down to n 237. Lots more in the Top500 lists.

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