PureWeb steals the show at EAGE (July 2014)

HueSpace, Roxar, Eliis and Seisware early adopters of Calgary Scientific's API.

As we reported last month, Roxar is to leverage Calgary Scientific’s PureWeb technology to support multi-endpoint manipulation of large cloud-based data sets. PureWeb offers what is claimed to be a lightweight API that enables interaction with large data sets on remote servers from laptops, tablets and smartphones. The technology was on show on the HueSpace booth at the EAGE and, as we reported last month, is used in Roxar’s RMS to Go model-in-the-cloud solution.

Seismic stratigraphic interpretation specialist Eliis likewise uses PureWeb to transform its PaleoScan desktop software into a ‘secure, interactive online version accessible anywhere and anytime.’  The tool also provides licensing flexibility and eliminates the need for high-end hardware on the desktop.

Although Seisware wasn’t at the EAGE, it was an early adopter of PureWeb to reduce the time and cost of supporting multiple devices and smaller screens.

We tried out the technology at the EAGE. Calgary Scientific’s Gary Mendel provided an URL and in seconds we were playing with an RMS model on our MacBook. PureWeb runs on iOS, Flash, HTML5 and Silverlight. Calgary Scientific claims good take-up in the medical where it is used in remote diagnostics of CAT/MRI imagery. Another poster child is Cyberska.org,  a ‘Facebook’ for radio astronomers. More from gary.mendel@calgaryscientific.com.

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