Horizon Energy announces 'intelligent' pump controller (July 2014)

New wireless Scada rod pump controller offers 'unconventional' digital oilfield solution.

Gulfport, Miss.-based Horizon Energy has announced the Intellipumper, a rod pump control that claims to provide a ‘low-cost option with high-tech capabilities.’ The Intellipumper targets the digital oilfield with a ‘ready to use’ self-contained unit and wireless Scada communications.

President and CEO Robert Bludorn said, ‘Intellipumper improves the performance of every pump stroke, maximizing recovery and lowering mechanical stress to minimize rod breakage and extend equipment life.’ Intellipumper can be deployed as a standalone unit or as a component of a ‘complete digital oilfield solution.’

Horizon’s primary activity is hands-on E&P in conventional and unconventional onshore US properties. Scalable, low cost, opportunities are developed through the application of modern, proprietary technology (like the Intellipumper) and expertise in finding ‘unconventional solutions.’

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