IHS Kingdom 2015 (July 2014)

Patent-pending 'illuminator' technology identifies faults and fractures.

IHS has announced Kingdom 2015, the latest release of the geoscience workstation it acquired from the then Seismic Micro Technology back in 2011. The release includes patent-pending ‘Illuminator’ 3-D analytical technology for fault interpretation and fracture identification. Illuminator helps unconventional operators identify areas that are un-fractured for possible development, and to ‘compare fracture monitoring results against areas located away from the immediate borehole.’ New geosteering capabilities help drillers stay in the sweet spots.

Another new functionality is ‘dynamic depth conversion’ of time-based data that allows interpreters to build and maintain a ‘virtual’ velocity model.  Depth conversion is no longer a time consuming and error prone process. Geosteering operators now have real-time up-to-date depth conversion for accurate well positioning. IHS Energy geoscience portfolio lead Clifford Kelley said, ‘Depth conversion process used to be a special, static process conducted by an expert geophysicist. Kingdom 2015 makes it a shared workflow involving geologists, geophysicists and engineers.’ More from IHS.

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