SpotterRF radar plugs surveillance gaps (February 2014)

C20 unit offers low cost control of ‘slew-to-cue’ video surveillance of oil and gas wells.  

SpotterRF has announced a new C20 short-range wide area surveillance radar for monitoring remote well sites and other unmanned facilities. The solar powered unit provides 360 imagery with a 120m range at a price point that is claimed to beat existing 360 solutions. The C20 system provides industrial security managers with high end radar security incorporating automatic camera ‘slew-to-cue’ capability that hitherto has only been available to the military. The C20 automates monitoring range-limited cameras. The rugged, solid state unit’s wide vertical beam scans the whole area many times per second with a one meter resolution and can pick-up and track very slow movers. Kyle Holman, president of American Security Consulting said, ‘Video surveillance for oil wells and other remote sites is a huge cost center. This compact radar shows great potential and will lower cost and decrease response times.’ More from SpotterRF.

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